Crazy Christmas – A Ground Nutcracker

About This Project

Crazy Christmas comes back with a BIG BANG! Well, it is Dream Academy’s 15th Birthday Bash after all, which means all our wacky Dream Academy characters will be there! Dim Sum Dollies, Broadway Beng, Kumar, Dr TCM TCM!!!! We will be celebrating with lots of cheekiness and good cheer! Be prepared to be tickled silly and come out feeling all Christmassy! Remember Pam Oei’s infamous Christmas wannabe Bat? Something tells us she’ll be back!

There will also be lots of BRAND NEW hilarious moments like the Dim Sum Dollies celebrating Christmas with post-election fervour as DEMOCRATIC REFORMED WORKERS, Kumar and his beloved groundnuts and the entire Crazy Christmas gang who will rock those Christmas tunes with amazing harmonies. So, if you have any hesitation about catching this show, just shake it off, shake it off… and like Taylor, be Swift and get to SISTIC!

Please let’s not forget we’re all doing a ballet segment which is more “ground up” than the general elections; it’s the Broadway Beng Hokkienised version (subtitles may not be necessary because our ballet figures and tutus will do the talking). This is one groundNUTCRACKER you cannot miss!
Makeup: The Make Up Room

Hair: Ashley Salon