Dim Sum Dollies, History of Singapore Part 1

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Dream Academy®

5 June – 21 June 2015 @ Esplanade Theatre

Fresh from their daringly hilarious romp through Singapore’s last 50 years, the Dim Sum Dollies travel EVEN FURTHER BACK IN TIME – to when it all began.  Join icons of the real Pioneer(ing) Generation! Sang Nila and his quest for real estate, Diva-licious Samsui Women, the Sin City Hustle of opium dens and brothels, and prematurely ejected Kamikaze Pilots.  From DVD Pirates and Missionary Nuns to pre-1965 Separation anxiety, the Dollies and their Chopstick will tease, sing and dance their way through more than 700 years of island history, in a whirlwind of sequins, feathers and 3-inch heels!  If you missed the first SOLD-OUT run in 2007, make sure you catch this new and improved Cabaret Comedy of Epic Proportions!  Starring Selena Tan, Pam Oei, Denise Tan and Hossan Leong. Directed by Glen Goei.

Makeup: The Make Up Room

Hair: Ashley Salon