GE TAI – The Musical

About This Project

Drama backstage. Drama onstage. Drama all the way.

The high energy of a Chinese live concert meets the drama of musical theatre in “Ge Tai – The Musical”, a fabulous new show written by Jonathan Lim. Feel the heartbreak and joys behind the bright lights of the Getai stage in this feel-good production boasting a colourful set, evocative lighting design and over-the-top costumes.

Comedy and melodrama play out backstage and onstage as a cast of vibrant characters vie for the spotlight and a place in your heart, including leads played by Desmond Ng 黄振隆 and Hao Hao 皓皓, who have to relearn the lessons about love and kinship… Will they triumph against the odds as they bring their passion for the Getai to new heights?

This collaboration between Singapore’s Getai celebrities and local musical theatre creators will feature weekly special appearances by international stars: Zhuang Xue Zhong 莊学忠, Sakura Teng 樱花, Yang Xiao Ping 杨小萍, Zhang Di 张帝, Cai Qiu Feng 蔡秋凤, Qing Shan青山.

Makeup: The Make Up Room