About This Project

Kumarajiva is widely-regarded as an illustrious Buddhist monk and scholar who was instrumental in the propagation of Buddhism in China through his unsurpassed concise translations of teachings from key Sanskrit scriptures to the Chinese language.

Of noble parentage, Kumarajiva forsake his marriage to a Kucha princess and entered monkhood in pursuit of enlightenment. Through certain trials and tribulations, Kumarajiva eventually settled in Chang’an where he interpreted many profound sutras to Chinese with the help of his disciples and followers. His legacy became the principal readings of many followers and is till this day, still widely-regarded as both literary and Buddhist treasures.

Written by well-regarded Chinese playwright and director Ma Hui Tian and directed by award-winning Chief Artistic Director Goh Boon Teck, this moving production features a consummate cast including rising thespian Timothy Wan in the lead role as well as Audrey Luo, Qin Zhan Bao, Sugie Phua and Jodi Chan among others.


Makeup: The Make Up Room

Hair: Ashley Salon