Meenah and Cheenah

About This Project

Dream Academy Productions

‘Meenah and Cheenah’ features two of Singapore’s finest comic performers – Siti Khalijah Zainal & Judee Tan – in a series of sketches that will leave you in stitches. An affectionate celebration of unlikely friendships and oddball pairings, the hysterical duo take on a slew of instantly-recognisable Singaporean characters.

Watch them rock the house as a pair of secondary-school delinquents – the Meenah who rolls up her sleeves and the Cheenah who hikes up her skirt-while wearing eyeshadow to school. Follow the Makcik and her Ah Soh best friend on their first budget airline trip out of Singapore, patting every seat before they sit down and always ready to say ‘the one at home nicer’. Witness them comparing their National Service boyfriends – one in the navy and the other in Civil Defence – and then see them as those very boyfriends.

‘Meenah and Cheenah’ will answer all the burning questions you’ve ever had about well, Meenah and Cheenah. How do you tell apart the Meenah Hip-Hop from the Meenah R&B? Is it possible to fengshui your house and not make it look too Cheenah? And what kind of culture clash ensues when a Malay Pontianak meets Zhong Kui the Chinese ghostbuster?


Makeup: The Make Up Room

Hair: Ashley Salon