The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey

About This Project

Glowtape Productions
The Great Wall: One Woman’s Journey is an intense, unforgettable love story that is set to thrill audiences both young and old.

Captivating and profoundly moving, a gripping tale of love and courage is intricately woven against an epic backdrop of imperial China, where, in the face of insurmountable odds, a young woman does not yield to her fate. What unfolds is an exquisite display of a woman’s resolve as she stands alone against the ultimate symbol of unbridled hubris and power.

This spectacular stage adaptation transforms Meng Jiang Nü’s epic tale into a soaring musical odyssey, where raw emotions are laid bare in a dazzling display of vocal showmanship as the characters come to life in a beautiful contemporary setting detailed with traditional design influences.

Come and bear witness to Meng Jiang Nü’s immortal tale and revel in the life of the brave everywoman who stood between an Emperor and his imposing wall, all while celebrating the capacity for love and the strength of the human spirit.


Hair and Make-up by The Make Up Room